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Al Shaheen Establishment.


AL Shaheen Establishment Founded in 1988 in Doha, Qatar. As a specialist in household, Electronics, Toys, Furniture etc. AL Shaheen Establishment was founded by Mr. Ebraheem Sakr Al Buenain, Over the decades he, and his teams, have created some of the best, most successful stores all over the Qatar.



Being well conversant with Gulf market, we help you reach the exact sources to develop your requirements. All trade related aspects such as handling samples, approvals, purchase orders etc. are efficiently taken care of. We shall keep you acquainted with the latest range of product that meet your specification.


Thanks to our close ties with various retailers and traders, our experienced liaison makes it a priority to track your orders efficiently, on a timely basis and consequently, keep you abreast with the status of your orders.


Quality is a hallmark of Al Shaheen, hence the in house inspectors undertake on-line inspections of the merchandise right from the time of the goods selected from the range our exclusive products till the final packing.


  • To adapt to the rapidly changing Wholesale & Retail Business industry, we continually strive to add and develop most developed, advanced and latest
    products. Currently 90% of our items are being imported from International Markets.
  • In order to expand our presence to entire Gulf and Middle East areas, We are now looking for new clients, if you are interested in any of our products, or have a customized order to fill, please contact us with your profile, with an extraordinary company culture and a mission of creating a new living style.
  • This is an exciting time for all of us at Al Shaheen Group. To achieve our goals, Al Shaheen will continue creating value for customers as we strive to built upon our leadership position in the Business industry.


  • We provide office and other necessary resources to our valued clients, if required. A professional “Trading Agency” to coordinate, merchandise and undertake quality control of your purchase from Al Shaheen Group – Qatar.
  • Quality and reliability: the buzzwords doing the rounds in today’s highly competitive world. Single point administration control of all your vendors!
  • One-day Delivery to the pick up location.
  • Customers can order through Web site / WhatsApp / Tiktok / calls
  • Latest and Trendiest Products on Site
  • Availability of On-Demand Products on a Greater Inventory.
  • User-friendly App & Website for Convenient Shopping Experience.